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On our last post, we mentioned the use of sustainable “Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings (bulkhead)”.   And how it is cost effective because it lasts much longer than more tradional materials.  By using traditional materials failure will soon follow.  See the below image:

Two images of crumbling seawalls

There are several companies that will clean and repair severely corroded structures with equipment that is submerged called “Cofferdam”.  Repairs and preservation of submerged areas of steel bulkhead piling will be very expensive.   They will ship to your site in big containers.  It has to be assembled, then it has to be inspected before the work can begin.  The expense will increase by the minute

See the below images:


An image of two big containers with two pieces of unassembled devices.

An image of two big containers with two pieces already unassembled.

Once, the cofferdam is submerged the water has to be pumped out, so that the workers can climb down into it – to inspect/repair the bulkhead.

An image of a crumbling seawall

An image of workers submerge in water to repair a seawall.

They will perform high pressure wash and apply a one-layer solvent-free modified epoxy coating after corroded steel is cleaned and repaired.  Then once that is done, it is inspected again.

An image of a crumbling seawall

An image of a crumbling seawall

Think of the cost to repair your bulkhead, but by buying the sustainable “Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings (bulkhead)” you can or will avoid the huge cost.

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The above images are from a company that is based in Belgium called “Acotec” a world leader in providing lifetime lasting solutions for marine and other severely corroded structures.

Repairs of Corroded Steel Sheet Piling (bulkhead)