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Protect Our WaterFront

We want to switch gears on today’s post.   We have been showing you beautiful sustainable living designs, but it is very important to visit why “Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings” should be the norm.


Why are so many people choosing Fiberglass Composite Sheet Piling?

Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings are becoming popular products to use for construction of bulkheads and seawalls, but compaines are still using metal, wood and concrete which I don’t understand.

With the advent of Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings, homeowners with oceanfront or lakefront properties can now rely on the newest manufacturing technology to receive the best product on the market today.   This material lasts a lifetime and it looks great putting value back to the property.

Cost Efficiency

Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings have better values.   The real measure of this is not just the comparison of costs for the initial installation – you also need to figure in the costs over the long term.   Since “Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pilings” lasts much longer than more traditional materials, the cost of repairs and replacement is nonexistent.

In fact, should you ever decide to sell, your buyer can rest assurance that the seawall will last a very long time.   That’s an added value to your property.

These are examples of what happens when your seawalls are constructed with materials that are not as durable and will fail significantly sooner than our state-of-the-art solutions.

An image of a crumbling seawall

An image of a crumbling seawall

Check the image below. Workers are using a crane to help lift the pieces in place.   This is an expensive project, but with the use of fiberglass composite sheet piling you don’t have to worry.

An image of a crumbling seawall

Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Sheet Piling