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The straightforward and simple answer is that we can’t be 100% sure that innovation will always get us out of whatever energy shortages and ecosystem problems we create for ourselves.

Sustainability is a must if we as a species are to survive climate change  which is why it is important for a very simple, very straightforward reason to take this on seriously.   

We cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings if we don’t take this matter seriuosly.  We have to embrace the diversity of life on Earth and embrace our ecosystems without further damaging consequences.  

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There are indications from all corners and from the smallest to the largest scale that sustainability  is something we must address soon.  We can not continue to live our life as if nothing is wrong.  And if we continue this way we will run out of fossil fuels.

All Animal Extinct Can Be A Reality

Thousands if not millions of animal species will become extinct.  We will run out of lumber.  We will damage the atmosphere beyond repair if we don’t do something about it.  And the root of that change lies in understanding and striving for sustainability  in our own homes, in our communities, in our ecosystems, and around the world.

If we keep going this way it would be harder to get other food sources.  All dairy products would disappear because of no cows or goats.  Chicken will disappear which means no more eggs.

Fruits and vegetables will be hard to grow because there would be no manure for fertilizing.  Weeds would starve other plants.

We know that the whole ecosystem is a delicate balance and with this knowledge we also know that everything would fall apart.  And if all animal went extinct then Plants and insects would over-populate, and eventually all human kind would die off.

Image of Golden Toad from the Amazon
The Golden Toad

The golden toad has disappear for at least 40 years. This fluorescent amphibian was found in the high-altitude ridges of Costa Rica, but because of pollution, global warming and fungal skin infections, the species has become extinct since 1989.

Image of a Black-faced Honeycreeper bird that is extinct
The Black-faced Honeycreeper Bird

A native bird called “Black-faced Honeycreeper” was only discovered in the 1970s in Maui, Hawaii. The birds inhabited the southwestern slope of Haleakala volcano.

The population declined rapidly, and by 1997 there were extinct. And the reason for the extinction – Habitat loss, along with disease, predators.

Plus, the decline in its food source like the native tree snails which contribute to the demise of the species.

Image of The Madeiran Large White Butterfly
The Madeiran Large White Butterfly

This stunning Madeiran Large White butterfly was from the Laurisilva forests of the Portugal’s Madeira Islands.

Reason for the extinction was due to Loss of habitat because of construction as well as pollution from agricultural fertilizers are two major causes of the species’ extinction.

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