How Long Are We Going To Ignore The Planet?

Companies are still using bad practices like using metal/concrete to lift homes and to create barriers from beach erosion using materials that contaminate our water ways. I took the time to speak to several companies and it is business as usual, even when I explained to them that there are better sustainable materials that can be used instead.

I explained that by using Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Pilings to lift home off the ground and to use Sustainable Fiberglass Composite sheetpiles a.k.a. (bulkheads) are better for the environment. I explained that it is cost effective, easy installation, last over 100 years, and etc.

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The Great Barrier Reef –


Was Pronounced Dead Today


An image of 4 images of the Great Barrier Reef

Will we stop before it’s too late? - The use of traditional building materials only continue to contaminate the soil and the water. We really have to start thinking in the 21st century and start utilizing sustainable eco-friendly composite materials. The benefits are many, including saving the trees which also helps stop landslides.

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U.S. Department of States

Global Climate Change –

The article below was taken from the “” website and we wanted to make this awarness to our readers that the government is starting to address these issues.   But they are still not doing enough.

Our government should pass a law that all Local govenments start using sustainable materials on all beaches and marinas and to stop polluting our waterways.


Eco Friendly Sustainable Materials

It is essential for the future of mankind,  that sustainable eco-friendly manufacturing methods are developed.    Their are companies devoted to this development,   but we are still far away. 

We need to do more!

Thanks to companies like Everlast Synthetic Products (ESP) and Fortress Pilings that we can move forward two step at a time and not just one.   This is why we are partnering with them on this issue of sustainability.    They are truly two remarkable companies.